In 2021, the Paris City Hall, the town hall of the 9th arrondissement and the RIVP decided to grant the Association Cromot the use of a former printing plant inside the property that was the Hôtel Cromot du Bourg located at 9, rue Cadet.

The architectural renovations were done by the architectural firm MODAL, under the direction of the RIVP (a municipal agency in charge of public housing and structural modifications for public use).

Unity and sharing

Cromot houses in its space a community of artists, creators, administrators, producers, technical staff, amd theatre directors …

The project proposes a space which facilitates exchanges of information and the sharing of various forms of practice between professionals in the performing arts.

Encouraging research and experimentation

Cromot offers professionals in the performing arts access to a dedicated space in the center of Paris. 

Here no public exposure or showing is mandated unless it is required as part of an ongoing project. Priority is given to the needs of the users, including space for experimentation, immersion in real time in artistic practice, the invention of movements and words, and possibilities for meetings and encounters.

Contribuing to discussions about issues and stakes in artistic production

The idea is to become part of the already densely populated network of French and Paris-based structures, hosting conferences and meetings, of strengthening networks and promoting dialogue between members of the professions and creating new and relevant dynamics.

Participating in community life

During the week spaces are reserved for creation and for members, on the weekends and at some other times, they are open to the public, in particular to residents of the 9th arrondissement.

To that end, students from the local music and dance conservatory may be invited to rehearse in the studio spaces, Friday nights and during the day on Saturday, except during school vacations. Classes and workshops will be also available for both professionals and amateurs.

Entrance hall

A pleasant seating and working area with:
– ten individual co working spaces
– coffee, tea, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher available

Studio 01

Large rehearsal studio, 130m2 (11,30m x 11,60m / 1400 square feet), with:
– natural light and large skylights
– wood floor or dance floor (laid)

Studio 02

Smaller rehearsal studio, 95m² 11,50m x 10m / 1020 square feet), with a pillar and:
– smaller skylights
– grey dance floor

Studio 03

Smaller rehearsal studio, 56m² (11,70m x 4,50m / 600 square feet) with:
– small skylights
– wood floor or dance floor

Workshop space

Room measuring 46m² (5,80m x 8m / 500 square feet) in a vaulted cellar, furnished to comfortably house team meetings and conferences.

Conference rooms

Two rooms measuring 46m² (5,80m x 8m / 500 square feet) in a vaulted cellar, furnished to comfortably house team meetings and conferences.

Lounge area

Room measuring 43m² (462 square feet) between studios 02 and 03 serves as both a rest and work space at the table.

The association Cromot is installed in the Halle Jourdain, at the center of the magnificent building called the Hôtel Cromot du Bourg, which dates from the early 18th century. During the French Revolution, the building changed, moving from individual to collective use, and was used for many different activities until the early 19th century. Around 1827 there was another major change, with the arrival of the Pianos Pleyel factory, in fact Frédéric Chopin gave his first public concert there. Other activities followed, including the installation of a photography studio, an “industrial art” studio, and the massive art collection belonging to the Dutuits, who were well-known philanthropists.

The Halle Jourdain, which houses Cromot was built in 1881 by the architect Frantz Jourdain, who is known for his work on the famous department store La Samaritaine. Initially it housed the Imprimerie Nouvelle (New Printing Press), a workers’ association which came into being during the Commune de Paris,« independent of all official authority, in which the worker, a citizen, must find how to better him- or herself and to find his or her place in society ».

Les Indépendances
Les Indépendances is a production office which was founded in 2010 by Philippe Chamaux, and which since 2014 has been under the direction of Colin Pitrat.
Each season, the office accompanies ten contemporary dance and theatre artists, mostly creators and writers.
The work is customized for each artist, to best promote and develop his or her work on their journeys and their projects’ visibility.

Les Indépendances offers each artist detailed, personalized attention including production assistance and tour organization as well as company strategy and approaches to the touring process.
Les Indépendances prioritizes the networking of its projects and the development of new work in multiple formats, often atypical.
They also take on unique, specific missions, mostly as executive producers for young up and coming companies seeking structure, and/or foreign artists.
éguée pour de jeunes compagnies en cours de structuration ou des artistes étranger·e·s.

Fabrik Cassiopée
For more than ten years Fabrik Cassiopée has worked with words, as the Bureau Cassiopée. Founded in 2004 by Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland, this production office was a pioneer in the accompaniment of artists and their staffs, and the implementation ofh advisory missions.

Its long term mission covers the entire production process: production, administration, touring, communication and development. They focus principally on choreographic artists and those involveed in hybrid theatrical writing.
The goal is to build with the artists a long term collaboration, prioritizing open relationships and permanent dialogue. In order to do this, Fabrik Cassiopée works with a limited, select number of artists, with close artistic and human contacts.

Working with the complementarity of their profiles and a wide network of partners, Fabrik Cassiopée offers its collaborators a wide range of skills and ideas.

Les Indépendances and Fabrik Cassiopée are part of Thinkprod – a network of production offices.

Along with use by our members, we also offer periodic rentals of our studios and work spaces for professionals in the industry, for arts events or classes and workshops (yoga, dance, theatre).

Spaces at Cromot may also be offered privately for events relating to art, fashion and design.

To enquire about the availability of our different spaces or to ask for an estimate, please write to us at with the following information:
– the space(s) which interest you
– the planned use for the space(s)
– the exact dates you are interested in
– any technical requirements (may involve a fee)